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7PCS Kolinsky Sable Hair Acrylic Nail Art Brushes

7PCS Kolinsky Sable Hair Acrylic Nail Art Brushes

7Pcs/Set Nail Polish Brushes these nail brushes are made of a quality Sable hairbrush, alloy, padauk wood, and other materials, offering spectacular artificial nail-fashioning results, which are perfect for brushes for professional nail-sculpting, can support for a long time using

Quality and Durable Superb production technology makes the brush structure strong, not easy to depilate, strong and durable, and friendly to novices. The pen holder is made of padauk wood, and the pen tip is made of Kolinsky Sable hair. It has appropriate flexibility and is not easy to shed.

Easy to Operate Lightweight and comfortable, easy to hold, and draw. Its brush hair stays on the metal part stably without worrying about falling off. Make your nails more beautiful and charming. excellent elasticity and resilience.

Fine craft Sable hair and handle are closely connected fine craft and long service life. High-quality acrylic nail brushes have unlimited possibilities, you can design any desired nail polish painting.

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